Goodbye to ugly & unsecured guides, it’s time for a new way.

Discord Secured Guides helps you to publish beautiful guides for your users with included Discord OAuth security and various other features.
Join over 35 Discord Secured Guides customers.
Used to host over 1000 of guides for the sneaker community.
Created by a team of design enthusiasts.
Beautiful and innovative guides to improve your user experience.

Easily secure your guides with Discord OAuth and protect your content from non-members.

Create beautiful guides that your users will love to read. Embed videos, images and more.

What makes us special?

Discord OAuth

Secure your guides and validate if a user is in one or multiple servers and has a minimum role.

Beautiful Design

Create beautiful guides that users love to read. Our guides are designed for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Custom branding

Easily adapt your knowledge base to your brand by adding your logo and custom accent color.

Custom domain

Connect your own domain to ensure your users will easily remember where to find your guides.


Customize your knowledge base by adding your logo, adapting the visual appearance and connecting your domain.
Add your logo
Adapt the visual appearance to your brand
Connect your domain
Verify your membership
Login with Discord
Secure your content with Discord OAuth. Check for roles and multiples servers.
Discord OAuth
Role validation
Multiple server validation
Tons of additional features included in your subscription. More to be added on a regular basis.
Mobile App
Jig Features
Videos, images, text and other Embeds


DIY solution. Use our free WordPress plugin and secure whatever you want.


For free until 31.12.2021
  • Discord OAuth Plugin
  • Multiple Server Validation
  • Role Validation

Knowledge Base + Discord OAuth

Hosted Knowledge Base with Discord OAuth Security, custom domains and a toolbox.


Billed monthly, excluding VAT
Security Features
  • Discord OAuth Plugin
  • Multiple Server Validation
  • Role Validation
Knowledge Base Features
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Domain
  • Mobile App for your users
  • Included Toolbox for jig features
  • Embeds, Rich Text, Videos, Images

Start publishing beautiful guides without ever having to sacrifice security again.

Join over 35 Discord Secured Guides customers.